T & C to be listed on the website and the application

By entering the SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C facilities and engaging in any related activities, you are consenting to our Terms and Conditions. We kindly advise that you read these conditions thoroughly, as you will be relinquishing certain legal rights by participating in our activities.

1. When you enter SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C facilities and participate in their related activities, you agree to their terms and conditions.

2. All credits including bonus credits remain the property of SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C and cannot be refunded, transferred, or resold.

3. If you purchase credits for someone else's use of the facilities, you are their authorized agent, and they will be bound by these conditions.

4. SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C has implemented all necessary safety measures without removing the inherent nature of the activities.

5. You understand and accept that these activities are strenuous and can be dangerous and require physical ability, maturity, and skill. You accept responsibility for yourself and your dependents' (child / children / ward / wards) subsequent, informed, and voluntary participation, knowing that the risks involved can result in varying degrees of physical harm, personal injury, disfigurement, and potentially death.

6. During your or your dependents' (child / children / ward / wards) participation, you may be exposed to various hazards and risks, both seen and unforeseen. You are fully aware of the services, equipment, and facilities offered at SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C, as well as your and your dependent's (child / children / ward / wards) physical limitations.

7. Your use and/or dependents' (child / children / ward / wards) use of the SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C facilities is subject to the rules and conditions displayed throughout their venues and as described verbally by their staff. Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations or misuse of any equipment will result in full liability being assumed by the participant, your dependents (child / children / ward / wards), and you.

8. Children must be at least 3 years of age to use the facilities at any of SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C venues and will not be allowed into the SPRINKLES JUMP area without a supervising guardian/parent when shorter than 110 CM or younger than 6 years of age. As their acting guardian, you are responsible for these children and will supervise them at all times by signing these terms and conditions as well as the waiver of liability.

9. You acknowledge that it is your sole discretion to use and allow your dependents (child / children / ward / wards) to engage in the activities provided and will assume all risks, both inherent and other risks and accept responsibility for any personal property damage and loss and for any degree of physical harm you and/or your dependents (child / children / ward / wards) may suffer.

10. SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C may use any photographs or video footage of you, your dependents (child / children / ward / wards), or other minors in your care who use their facilities for publication and for use in advertising or promotional material. Such photographs or video footage may appear on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and/or Snapchat.

11. By entering their facility, you grant SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C the right to use all such photographs and/or video footage in such a manner and hereby grant them permission to record, store, transmit, reproduce, replicate, modify, advertise, and generally exploit all such photographs and video footage for their benefit and in such a manner as they in their discretion deem appropriate.

12. SPRINKLES TOYS ENTERTAINMENT - L.L.C may also operate closed-circuit television cameras on-site, which may be recording footage of you, your dependents (child / children / ward / wards), or other minors in your care while using their facilities. You consent to their use of all such footage in the manner described above and agree that the purpose for using such photos and/or video footage is for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes only and is not intended to insult, defame or slander any person. You acknowledge and agree that your consent and agreement to the above are given for yourself as well as on behalf of any dependants or other minors in your care while using their facilities. You also agree not to take photos for commercial use without their consent.

Method of Payment, Card Types accepted and Currency: We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in AED (or any other agreed currency).

Cancellation & Replacement Policy: All trampoline booking orders can be cancelled before date of booking. To cancel an order the Customer needs to notify by email [email protected]. Register your cancellation via email [email protected]. Cancellations shall be taken cared by the Company‚Äôs experts on case on case basis. Customer should provide their name, address, contact number, Order number, and the reason for refund. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment. The refund amount will be post deduction of any applicable bank charges


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